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Bar Bohème meeting

Dear State of the Arts-ists,

Here you can find a report on a meeting of artists in Antwerp
which occurred last month in the Academie, on October 24th :

Bar Bohème
It was a panel brought together by Jeroen Olyslaegers
to discuss about the topic of the bohemian artist.
An audio recording of the talk can be found at the bottom of the page.

In Dutch this one!

Invitation ‘State of the Arts’ in Batard

Hi State of the Arts people,


It is a almost a month ago that we gathered
around burning issues and tackled them wholeheartedly together.
We see a community forming itself willing to address through debate and
sharing a
wide variety of issues concerning artists' presence, needs and
contribution in society.
An alternative autonomous exchange platform is
taking its incipient form.

We definitely need and want to continue engaging with you all in that
dialogue and letting it unfold further in divers ways.

Now, we invite you for a second meeting in the frame of the
Batard-festival/congres. We propose a round table meeting, an open platform
where we can share and pick up where we left off. The map of flaming
issues, concerns, questions and proposals made at the resonance-evening
of 'State of the Arts' will be a lift off, a launch for further dialogue
and action.

Hope to see you there !

Batard festival takes place in BEURSSCHOUWBURG.
State of the Arts in Batard : 5TH OF DECEMBER FROM 14H TILL 17:30H