Monthly Archives: December 2014

I strike

“I strike today because I believe in a warm and inclusive society, that embraces diversity,that cares and produces mutual responsibility for each human being and promotes culture as knowledge capital. In the society I believe in, art and culture create an essential space for reflection, innovation and potential for transformation. But today the ideological shift in policy­making aims at reducing and eradicating this social responsibility and inclusivity. I stand for a strong, transparent and committed public support to art, culture and research. Only a society that guarantees multi-faced artistic expressions, which has the possibility to be independent from ideological or commercial interests can call itself a democratic society.”


Strikers Picket at the doors of Beursschouwburg.

From 10 – 12 h  +  BBQ to keep warm
Feel free to bring edibles to put on the BBQ or coals and woods to put in.
Continue the discussion  ‘What is an artist strike?’
At 12h we can join HARTBOVENHARD in La Tentation.