Structure of the work tables, Symposium 2

In the morning we will invite all the conference visitors to participate in one of the work tables, thinking together about ‘fair practices’ within specific aspects of the artistic practice. At every table one or more specific ‘cases’ will be presented, which the group can unravel: what are aspects of ‘fairness’ and how to reach them?

In the conversations in preparation of this conference, we introduced the concept of ‘currencies’ which define the relations and exchanges between the different actors. that can be used as building block in the discussions ‘currencies’. These: finances, communication, material and immaterial values, visibility and decision-making.

The table discussion will be led by a moderator and noted down by a reporter. At the end of the morning each table will formulate concrete insights into what ‘fairness’ consists of and how to reach it, which will be presented in the afternoon and offered for discussion.

Table 1/ Solidarity in the support of artistic research

How do we create conditions of co-responsibility between organizations and artists during the development of their work?

Actors: FLACC/Sarah Indeherberge, WPZimmer/Carine Meulders, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (artist) and Gosie Vervloesem (artist)

Moderator: Katrien Reist

Reporter: Robrecht Vanderbeecken

Table 2/ Solidarity between institutions and artists (1)

How do we realize a fair division of labor between the different actors in the realization and presentation of artistic work?

 Actors: Campo/Carl Gydé, Sarah Vanhee (artist), Netwerk Aalst/Annie Van Hoorick and Sarah & Charles (artists)

Moderator: Bojana Cvejic

Reporter: tbc

Table 3/ Solidarity between institutions and artists (2)

How do we realize a fair division of labor between the different actors in the realization and presentation of artistic work?

Actors: BUDA/Agnes Quackels, Pianofabriek/Karlien Vanhoonacker, Beursschouwburg/Tom Bonte and Einat Tuchman (artist)

Moderator: Ingrid Vranken

Reporter: Tom Viaene

Table 4/ Solidarity between small and big organizations

How do we realize fair collaborations between small and big organizations?

Actors: detheatermaker/Elsemieke Scholte, deSingel/Karlien Meganck, Lokaal01/Frederik Vergaert

Moderator: Delphine Hesters

Reporter: Nikol Wellens

Table 5/ Solidarity within a flexible collective

What fairness is possible when it comes to work experiments within collectivities and given its flex working members?

Actors: POP (Potential Office Project)/Koen Berghmans and Vincent P. Alexis

Moderator: Kobe Matthys

Reporter: Josine De Roover

Table 6/ Solidarity between partners within and outside the sector

How do we form alternative collaborations to confront risks and create co-responsibilities between the commissionaires, architects and other mediators?

 Actors: BC (Brussels Cooperation), Ief Spincemaille (artist), Danielle van Zuijlen (Tondelier, Gent)

Moderator: Stefan Siffer

Reporter: tbc

Table 7/ Solidarity between actors from different and diverse cultural frameworks.

How do we guarantee reciprocity concerning projects in which one works from diverse cultural, social and economical backgrounds?      

Actors: Lumumbashi Biennale – with Els Opsomer (artist/SIC), Toma Muteba Luntumbue (artist, curator), KVS and partners in Congo and Palestine – with Hildegard De Vuyst (KVS)

Moderator: Dirk de Wit

Reporter: Sofie Joye

Table 8/ Solidarity between funders and applicants

What is a fair (Flemish) subsidy-system and what is a fair redistribution of means?

 Actor: Christophe Meierhans (artist)

Moderator: Els Silvrants – Barclay

Reporter: Katrien Kiekens


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