a forum on fair practice in the arts
in three acts

01.09.18 + 02.09.18 :: OPEN FORUM 11am – 7pm
03.09.18 – 07.09.18 :: EDIT WORKSHOP 10am – 6pm
08.09.18 :: DUMMY PRESENTATION 4pm

@ Allée du Kaai
Avenue du Port 49, 1000 Bruxelles

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State Of The Arts (SOTA) invites you to take part in its first annual CAMP for the writing of the FAIR ARTS ALMANAC 2019, a practical guide for working, instituting and policy making in the arts. There are 3 events to engage with!

OPEN FORUM: Two days to discuss, debate and share practices of fairness with, through and in the arts.
Do you want to have an impact on cultural policy? This is your chance!
Come with your concerns, insights, statements and demands!
Share your practical tricks and tips for managing, administrating, financing, and disseminating your practice.
Debate the relationship between artists and institutions!
Engage in ecology and sustainability within the arts!
Tell how you take action to influence the conditions through your practice.
Fight racism, sexism, and any other form of exclusion and inequality!

There will be five fair tents to camp about solidarity, diversity, transparency, ecology, trust.
There will be all the responses to the open call for contributions to the almanac up for discussion and practice.
There will be boards to propose your contribution and choose your participation in others practice.
Bring thoughts to craft your proposals and we will provide food and drinks!

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EDITORIAL WORKSHOP: Based on the material gathered during THE OPEN FORUM we organize a 5 day workshop to collectivize the editing of the almanac. We would like to ask you engage for at least one full day in putting this almanac together.We need max. 7 people per day who help to assemble the contributions gathered during the camp and translate that towards a useful, practical and relevant publication. Bring your devices, a practical mind and good concentration! Suggest not only basic information about the arts, but also critical reflections upon its apparatus, action plans, unsolicited comments, bottom-up strategies, proposals for changes, etc…! We will hand on edit this almanac together. You help and we will pay, depending on your days of engagement.

For the EDIT workshop please sign up here!


DUMMY PRESENTATION: After the workshop we invite everyone to look at and reflect upon a first dummy. You have an opinion? Come to test it, to read it, to feedback and adjust!
The almanac needs your comments before it goes into the final editing and printing process. Your Fair Art Almanac 2019 will be ready before the end of this year.

Just come!

Please share this information with everyone you know!

Thanks and see you there
your SOTA core team.

The FAIR ARTS ALMANAC is up unto this point supported by KUNSTENPUNT, SOFAM and ACOD.

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