In the last five years, State of the Arts has published a series of statements in the form of open letters. Those letters went to the ministry as demands, manifestos, or proposals, and they resonated in Belgium and beyond – influencing discourse on cultural policy both here and abroad.

This page features a timeline of the most important texts with the oldest writings appearing first:

August 2014

We are calling

“We just called, to say, how much we care’* is an action expressing the big concern about the social and cultural policy choices the Flemish Government seems to be making.
Place: Brussels, in front of Flemish Parliament From: State of the Arts – platform of artists, researchers, thinkers…
Concerning: action at Flemish Parliament related to the special hearing on Aug. 14, 2014, 2pm-4pm

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March 2015

Action points for a change of policy

1. Art as equally valued within the diversity of practices in society
2. Diversity of players within the arts field
3. Diversity of art forms
4. The particularity of the models to finance the arts within the diversity of supports
5. Diversity of organizational models for various art practices

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August 2015

Letter to minister Gatz

Sven Gatz, time to backtrack

In his latest decisions on subsidies for the arts, Minister Sven Gatz has blatantly ignored 60% of the recommendations his administration and assessment comities made, threatening the continued existence of artists and small organisations. 79 of the 129 applications for support that were positively assessed have remained unsupported. Non-the-less, the government program boasts: “Flanders cherishes its cultural field as a hallmark of quality, and is renown in the world for its arts and artists.” How does Flanders imagine it can continue showing off, when it is emaciating the soil? A reputation doesn’t appear from nowhere, it needs a source. In the arts, artistic practices are this source. What does this government have in mind for them?….

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February 2016

Concerns on Solidarity

Resulting the SOTA conference Solidarity: how do we work together? February 2016 The arts make a rich habitat. The exchanges and collaborations between artists, commissionaires, subsidizers, policy makers, curators, production teams, institutions, mediators and the public bring into play an impressive variety of art and cultural experience. Today, however, these work processes are under increasing … Continue reading Concerns on Solidarity

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